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NSW Championships - Round 1
18th October 2014

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19th October 2014

15th November 2014

29th November 2014

Mini demonstration only
6th December 2014

Victorian Championships
17th January 2015

31st January 2015

NSW Championships - Round 2
14th February 2015

Double Points
14th March 2015

28th March 2015

Australian Championships
4th April 2015

Newstead Report

Round 3 of the 2014/15 season kicked off at Newstead to finish off this year’s events ready for next year. The event officials were keen to get the day started raising awareness and donating all proceeds towards Niemann pick disease and supporting the JMPA to raise money for Beyond Blue.

The day started with the Mini Modifieds putting on a great show with full pulls left right and centre with 7 making it into the pull off, the end result was between Rough Justice and Little Willey fighting hard for first place after out pulling the rest to make it to a second pull off, with engine temps high and sled operators wondering how to stop them the final pull saw Rough Justice second best with little Willey taking it out.

After a bit of track work and water to control the dust the super minis had a clean run with After Shock coming to victory followed by Jaws and U Jack. With more track work being done the Open Minis came out to blitzs the track with the sled operator baffled and unable to stop the power, equal points were given all round.

Meanwhile on the big side the Limiteds saw the return of Full Throttle, with some close pulling Flat stick came up victor with Dear Diff close behind. The rest of the day had Flat stick have a clean sweep with Full Throttle right behind.

The Pro Stock class put on yet another terrific show with mere centimetres between Wolverine Deere II and Wicked Whitetail with Wolverine Deere cleaning up. The Super Modified class only saw Scrap Value with Disorderly Conduct still out with a broken diff.

Once the Big tractors had finished the minis were forced to change track as theirs struggled to contain the dust, the Limiteds once again took the track  with Little Willey coming home with another 2 firsts with Mad House and Rough Justice sharing second.

After Shock once again taking out first place in the 890kg while Success II came out first in the last event with U Jack right behind them in both events.

The Sled man was once again defeated by the perfect track conditions for the Open Minis as equal points were given all rounds but sadly saw StoneCold having engine dramas at the end of the track in the last class.

 All in all it was another successful day of tractor pulling and a big thankyou to the Newstead committee for putting on a great first pull. The next tractor pull will be a demonstration with seven mini tractors taking the boat to Deloraine in Tasmania on the 6th and 7th of December. To then come back for the Tooradin Tractor Pull and Truck Show on 17th January 2015. Till then we wish everyone a safe holidays and a Merry Christmas and hope Santa is nice enough for some new parts! 



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