NSW Championships - Round 1
18th October 2014

Date to be Advised in 2015 POSTPONED TILL FURTHER NOTICE
19th October 2014

15th November 2014

29th November 2014

Mini demonstration only
6th December 2014

Victorian Championships
17th January 2015

31st January 2015

NSW Championships - Round 2
14th February 2015

Double Points
14th March 2015

28th March 2015

Australian Championships
4th April 2015

Quambatook Tractor Pull

The Australian Championships was held at Quambatook for the 39th year running with some close pulling across all classes.

The limited mini’s had some competitive pulling being the first to hit the track. Little Willey tractor pull team started their successful day winning the pull off against Hitman, while 3rd place was taken out by Bonky’s Banga. The 825kg class had Buckenhell picked up a 3rd place and Movin’ On grab 2nd while Little Willey again took out 1st. Fresh Dirt had bad luck after a steering malfunction and hit the bank. The pressure was on in the 900kg with Bonky’s Banga having a diff issue and still managing to pull to 96m for the rest to bring their full game, Buckenhell managed to pull 95m but Little Willey brought it home with 97m and making that 3 firsts for the day.

The Super Mini's taking the track with Flamin Furious claiming first on all three events closely followed by Success II coming 2nd and Buckshot picking up 3rd in the 860kg. The 890kg class saw Ujack grab 2nd and Success II 3rd. In the 920kg Flamin Furious took out his third 1st for the day Ujack getting another 2nd and Aftershock 3rd.

The Limited Modifieds put on yet another wheel standing performance with close pulling throughout the day Shillberite pulled out first in the 2.5 tonne with Rumpus right behind him followed by Flat Stick. Shillberite came out on top with Flat Stick 2nd after a pull off and Rumpas claiming 3rd. Shillberite managed to keep their winning streak in the 3.4T while Soul Revival grabbed a 2nd and Rumpas 3rd.

Spot On and Bizzee B battled it out all day but Spot out came out on top taking all three events out, great job by Lyall, Spot on will be retiring to a Holden Museum for the rest of its days and has had a tremendous journey and been a huge part of tractor pulling history.

The Open Minis had a great turn out for the Australian Championships with great action all day. Blown Income got 1st in a pull off  against Stampede who grabbed 2nd and Stone Cold with a fresh engine got 3rd. Stampede Managed to pick up 1st with its spare engine after spending the week replacing the blown up engine who’s  internals are still on the track at Keith, Blown income took 2nd while Tommy’s Toy had 3rd. Blown Income returned to the top claiming 1st again with Stampede and Tommy’s Toy close behind.

It was fantastic to see Kryptonite back on the track in the Open Modified class. Disorderly Conduct was also there putting on a great show in the Super Modified.

Thank you to the Quambatook tractor pull association for yet another fantastic Australian Championship!

Everybody have safe off season tinkering in the shed upgrading and improving their tractors and we will hope to see you all at the presentation night. 

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