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13th August 2016

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15th October 2016

19th November 2016

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3rd December 2016

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21st January 2017

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25th February 2017

11th March 2017

Australian Championship
15th April 2017

Bushy Park Report

Well the first event for the year saw the tractors lining up with enthusiasm some tractors arrived early Friday and went off looking around the local area , as for some other tractors the lights on their transport vehicles were burning the black top for a good part of Friday night to be ready to tackle the bushy park track, a few nerves were present with some new motors performing well. The weather was out to please the crowd that was lining the fences but it was causing some stress to the track.

The limited minis hit the track first weighted up to 770kg set the sled flew out the blocks and grabbed a first followed closely by rotary hoe, liking the hard track, third was tossa

In the 825 kg class tossa managed a first closely followed by Whiplash and 2 Tuff third

The 900 kg saw the points change again as 2 tuff got the first, rotary hoe second and Whiplash third, this should make for an interesting season as the tractors are close and all that’s needed is to keep them going. The track caused a bit of carnage as Barmed Blitza chewed up a diff as did set the sled but unfortunately when the diff went the transmission followed by splitting in two.

The super minis were keen to get into the action with the biggest field nine competing tractors put on a great display.

The 860 kg class was decided in a pull off as five tractors managed a full pull Jaws managed a first, Oh Yeah second and Little Willie third.

The 890 kg class was again won by Jaws, second The Marshall and third Oh Yeah

920 kg saw little Willy grabbing a first Jaws second and Success 2 a third

The open minis put on a great display of horsepower with the track not allowing the high horsepower tractors to gain grip on the track Stone cold managed a first in the 900 kg class followed by Blown Income then Stampede third, the 925 kg class saw Blown Income first, Stampede second and Raptor third, the three Leylands were liking the track.950 class was the same, the sled was pulling them up very early.

The Super modified started first on the big track with traction not a problem front wheels were well up Scrap Value grabbed a first in the 3.4 tonne closely followed by Disordely Conduct, Unfortunately one of the 327 chevs had a bit of a hernia in 3.85 tonne thus finishing the day for scrap value, allowing Disordely Conduct 2 firsts in the last 2 events.

The pro stock were warming up filling the bushy park air up with plenty of diesel fumes, the trtack was hard work for these tractors as they couldn’t maintain traction to keep the boost up. Wicked whitetail had the wood over Wolverine Deere in the three weight classes taking home three firsts it was hard to see if more smoke was coming off the tyres than the exhausts.

The new pro stock class saw Major Kaboom compete again, having three successful pulls and got to drive it back on the truck at the end of the day.

The 2wd truck class saw the Proffesor come out of the woodwork after being in the making for 15 years, it was sporting its grey primer paint job, and Sudden Impact was back with a new stronger diff and dirty deeds made the trip down from Berrigan. Sudden impact managed a first in the 2.5 tonne followed by dirty deeds and third The Proffesor after taking out the bank twice on its way down the track. Dirty deeds grabbed a first in the 2.6 and 2.7 tonne class, the professor had starting issues and

didn’t make it back for the rest of the day and sudden impact screwed the tyre off the rim in the middle class

The limited modified put on an awesome display of wheel standing, with close competition all day. In the 2.5 tonne class Shillberite had Soul Revival nipping at its heels and flatstick was working out new diff ratios with the old master having a drive in the first class. In the 2.9 tonne class Shillberite managed a full pull closely followed by Flatstick then Dear diff grabbing a third. The 3.4 tonne class saw Shillberite pulling the sled over the 100 metres closely followed by Soul Revival and Dear Diff third. Unfortunately Full Throttle had gearbox issues in the middle class, back to the workshop again.

Many thanks to the bushy park committee for putting on a great day and for those that stayed for the entertainment the band was great pumping out the tunes until late at night.

Some teams have a bit of homework to do before they come out for another skid and with

the next points event scheduled for Tooradin on the 21st January 2017 they will need to be organised but for those who want a bit of a holiday you can see some mini tractors at a demo event at Deloraine in Tasmania on the 3rd of December , even if you live in Tas wander down for a great day




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