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17th October 2015

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Barmedman Report

The Battle of Barmedman returned as round 1 of the National Championship Series and also round 1 of the NSW Championships. The day kicked off with a nice cool breeze from the south much to the competitors and spectators liking. The Limited Mini’s hit the track and the great roar that we have all missed over the off season returned as they battled it out. It was great to see Fresh Dirt out with a new paint job grab a 3rd in the 770kg while Beats Workin got second and Rough Justice picked of 1st. In the 825kg new owner of Set The Sled got his first placing getting 2nd. Rough Justice managed another 1st while Fresh Dirt remained consistent with another 3rd place. It was also great to see how close this class is with Movin’ On and Ruptured duck II getting the exact same distance of 88.685 making it a draw. Rough Justice continued to dominate getting another 1st making it a clean sweep for the day.

After a few hiccups with track conditions the Super Modified’s started there day with Scrap Value grabbing 1st and Disorderly Conduct getting 2nd. In the second and third class Disorderly Conduct was able to get on top of Scrap Value who plowed into the bank getting disqualified in the final class. The 2-wheel-drive trucks Dirty Deeds and Bad Attitude were ready to go face to face but unfortunately Dirty Deeds having transmission issues left Bad Attitude to be victorious for the rest of the day.

The Super mini’s put on a spectacular display with their new competitor Little Willey holding on to win all three events while Jaws took out 2nd in the 860kg and 920kg and 3rd in the 890kg. Ujack was able to pick up two 3rds and a 2nd for day kick starting his points for the season. The Open Mini’s only saw 2 competitors for the day but still had the crowd standing as Blown Income dragged the sled out the park for all three events with Tommy’s Toy hot on his heels.

Sadly The Screamer was unable to attend due to engine problems during the time leading up to the event, wishing the crew all the best on getting it sorted.

The Limiteds hit the track to put on another wheel standing spectacular. The 2.5 T had Flat Stick out in front with Shillberite and Dear Diff tracking behind and Soul Revival taking out the bank. The 2.9 class had both Dear Diff and Soul revival leaving Shillberite to take the win and Flat Stick 2nd. The 3.4 class saw Soul Revival on the board in 3rd, Dear Diff 2nd and Shillberite out front again.

Pro stock put on another action packed day with Wolverine deere II in front for the 3.8 and 4.2t and Wicked Whitetail hot on his tracks to take out first in the 4.6t.

Thank you to Barmedman Tractor Pull committee for the great day and we will see everyone at the next pull at Bushy Park on the 14th November. 

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