Round 8

NSW Championships - Round 1
18th October 2014

Date to be Advised in 2015 POSTPONED TILL FURTHER NOTICE
19th October 2014

15th November 2014

29th November 2014

Mini demonstration only
6th December 2014

Victorian Championships
17th January 2015

31st January 2015

NSW Championships - Round 2
14th February 2015

Double Points
14th March 2015

28th March 2015

Australian Championships
4th April 2015

Finley Report

Round 7 of the National championships and round 2 of the NSW championships was held at Finley. Producing some awesome weather the track started off with the junior mowers putting on a great display raising money for their charity, Beyond Blue. Next was  a change in orders on the mini track with the super minis coming out first, After Shock came out with a win followed by Jaws and Success II in the 860kg. In the 890kg Aftershock came in at third with Success II coming in at first and Flamin Furious in 2nd. The 920kg had a pull off between  Flamin Furious in 1st first, AfterShock in 2nd and Sodbusta  holding a straight line for 3rd.

The Limited Modifieds were first out on the big track with the return of Hellrazor who picked up a 3rd place in the first class, Shillberite pulled out a first followed by Flat Stick. The 2.9tonne class had Flat Stick full pull followed by Shillberite at 98m and Dear Diff at 92m. The last class had Shillberite first, Flat Stick second and Dear diff third.

It was fantastic to see the Open Modifieds out to strut their stuff on the track. Murray Muncha and Plum Crazy where there to compete for the NSW Championship.  First time driver Mark Williams for Plum Crazy did a awesome job, the results with Plum Crazy taking out all 3 events. Both tractors were pulling hard tho doing wheelies all the way down the fantastic track.

The Open Mini Modifieds where the next out on the mini track four tractors showing up to compete. It was great to see the return of Bare Knuckles, but unfortunately had electrical issues and was unable to start on the track.  But with Blown Income, Stampede and Tommy's Toy the crowd were certainly in for a fantastic show of supercharged action. It was consistent pulling in the class with Blown Income winning all 3 classes but with only a few metres behind was Stampede and Tommy's Toy biting at their toes.

It was some incredibly close pulling in the Super Modifieds pulling with just mere centimetres between them. Disorderly Conduct had Some engine troubles in the first class allowing Scrap Value to take out the first class. After sorting out the trouble Disorderly took out the 3.85 tone class by just a few centimetres! Scrap Value then took back the win in the last class.

Spot On was there putting on a spectacular show in the 2wd trucks and was also raffling off tickets for a ride again helping the junior mowers out with their charity.

The Limited Minis had a hard day of fast pulling being the last to compete on the mini track. Bonky's Banga was successful in the 770kg and 825kg classes with Little Willey right behind. It was great to see a first time full pull for Aaron Jones in the seat of Madhouse in the 825kg class taking out 3rd place in the pull off. Little Willey managed to grab a full pull in the 900kg class along with Bonky's , 2 Tuff and Beats Work'n. Little Willey set the mark at 100.69 meters with Bonky's Banga getting oh so close at 100.38 meters, 2 Tuff managed to get their first placing in quite a while taking out 3rd place, well done Dave. Beats Work'n had a fantastic  straight pull but just couldn't quite get over the line.

The Pro Stocks filled the air with a cloud of diesel smoke after pulling down the track at super speeds. Wolverine Deere 2 was a fierce competitor to beat after taking out the first two events with Major Kaboom and Wicked Whitetail close behind.  The final class seen Wicked Whitetail take out first place along with Wolverine Deere 2 closely behind and Major Kaboom just behind.

Thank you to the Finley Tractor Pull Committee for providing a beautiful complex and a fantastic track for the NSW Championship. We look forward to seeing everyone out at Waaia for round 8 of the National Championship competing for double points!  

Check out some highlights of Finley!!

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