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2nd September 2017

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14th October 2017

18th November 2017

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2nd December 2017

Victorian Championship
20th January 2018

NSW Championship - Part II
17th February 2018

Major Pull
3rd March 2018

Major Pull
24th March 2018

Australian Championship
31st March 2018

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Tooradin Report

On the 20th January saw all the tractors congregating at Rutter Reserve Tooradin for the 21st modified tractor pull at the venue. The day started with the national anthem being sung to the energetic crowd very eager for the action to begin.  

It was 2 tuff that led the tractors down the track only to not let anyone else catch him as he secured the 770 kg event followed by rough justice. In the 825 kg class mad dog grabbed a first closely followed by rough justice and 2 tuff. 900kg mini saw mad dog again and a tractor that been resting in the shed Beats Workin snuck in a second with the old master at the wheel. 

The pro smoker’s started the action on the big track with Wicked Whitetail sporting a new motor take home the first prize brother norm in Wolverine Deere grabbed a second. The tides changed in the next two classes as Wolverine Deere showed Wicked Whitetail how it’s done. Both tractors were closing the air traffic into Tooradin airport as smoke hazes filled the air.  

The pro stock B Class had a new tractor on the blocks with red Devil driven by Chris Hicks keeping Major Kaboom honest all day. The new tractor and driver surprised themselves by working out the tractor and how the day works, great to see more competitors on the scene. Both tractors put on an awesome display of how to get a lot of hp out of small motors. 

The Super mini class was a one sided affair with the SA tractor Flamin Furious not sharing the 1st placings ,it might have only been millimetres between them but that’s all it needs to be Little Willey secured three seconds for their effort. Feral Fergie cruised in for a couple thirds and was great to see Barneys Animal taking home a third in the 920 kg class. 

The open modified had the pleasure of Plum Crazy and Riverina Screamer locking horns and putting the challenge to each other. Plum Crazy took out the three weight classes by the smallest of margins leaving the screamer camp plugging in the computer and working out the finest details of the runs. Both tractors decided in the 5.1 tonne class that they were heading back home with the sled until Mr sledman hammered them in the pull off 

The open mini A was dominated by Blown Income 2 making easy work of the 100 to 120 metre track this tractor hooked into the Tooradin track and wasn’t let it beat him. Stampede snuck in a couple seconds for his trouble and was good to see Flat Broke back competing again grabbing a second in the 900kg class. 

Stone Cold wasn’t sharing the first placings as well confidently taking them home, the track proving easy work for the stone cold camp. Who Cares took home a couple seconds and Jaws has come up from the super class showing the big boys that you don’t need a blower to get a second place, whilst doing this tried to level the centre bank in a test pull. 

The super modified class was represented by Disorderly Conduct putting on an awesome display all day for the local crowd. 

Two wheel drive trucks should only need back wheels as they all hooked into the Tooradin track and many impressive wheel stands were the favour of the day. Unfortunately Bad Attitude wasn’t sharing the first placings. Closely followed by Chilli Town Thunder and The professor for second placings. And the thirds were secured by Sudden Impact (Greg wasn’t driving but boys weren’t game enough to break it).Dirty Deeds had a learner in the seat with Annie showing the boys how to drive with the Dunlop’s hanging in mid-air well done Annie and don’t let those old fellows back in the seat. 

The Limited Mods were doing the same as front wheels were only needed to get them to the track Full Throttle came out of the blocks breathing fire and stomped home in the 2500kg class showing Shillberite how to get the job done, Flatstick sneaking in the third. The 2900 and 3400 kg class saw Shillberite grab the firsts with flatstick and full throttle keeping them very honest. The last event was secured by shillberite in a pull off from full throttle and Soul Revival managed to stay on the track and sneak in a third. 

Overall the day was very successful with no major breakdowns and the weather staying reasonable mild .Many thanks to the Tooradin promoters for making the tractors very welcome and starting a bit earlier with the truck show and the burnout cars filling in the gaps throughout the day. 

The next event on the calendar is the Finley Tractor pull on the 17th February followed by Waaia on the 3rd March Then Keith on the 24th March    


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