Keith Diesel & Dirt Derby - SA
Round 7

Mini Tractor Points Round
2nd September 2017

NSW Championship Rd I
14th October 2017

18th November 2017

Mini Demo Pull
2nd December 2017

Victorian Championship
20th January 2018

NSW Championship - Part II
17th February 2018

Major Pull
3rd March 2018

Major Pull
24th March 2018

Australian Championship
31st March 2018

NEXT ROUND: Keith Diesel & Dirt Derby - SA (Major Pull)

24th March 2018   |   Click here for more details


Waaia Tractor Pull

The day was perfect for tractor pulling with the track on arrival looking a bit like a duck pond but a bit of wizardry with the grader turned it into a perfect track for both the minis and big tractors. The 3pm bell went and the tractors and drivers were geared up ready to go, 36 tractors turned up from South Australia Victoria and New South Wales to show their tractors and prove that they could take home the prize from Waaia. Many thanks to the hard working committee for organising the day and no thanks to Wazza for thinking he had a sore finger? 

It was local tractor Beats Workin that started the action on the mini track managing to hold onto the third position with Movin On and Set the Sled securing the other positions. The 825 kg class saw Movin On taking the first place and Barmed Blitza second with Rough Justice grabbing third place. The 900 kg class allowed Movin On to take home the trifecta with a third and Beats Workin first and Fresh Dirt second. Good to see the younger generation taking on the masters of the sport. Barmed Blitza had a differential lock up to end their fun for the day a bit of work to do before the next event. 

The SA tractor Flamin Furious wasn’t sharing the placings took home two firsts and a second for their adventure from Mount Gambier. The other dominant tractor Little Willy was pushing them the whole way sneaking in a first and two seconds. Barney’s Animal sporting his new motor took home a third along with Feral Fergie. Unfortunately The Marshal had differential issues to end his day.  

The open Mini B class Stone Cold had a cracker of a run in the 900kg class but that where his day stopped with motor issues, this allowed Who Cares to take home two firsts and Jaws followed but only missing out by 300mm in the 950kg class. 

The open modified was supported by local and iconic tractor Plum Crazy showing how the three 540 chevs can make the earth move with three full pulls for their effort. 

The two wheel drive trucks had plenty of wheel standing action for the day, but once again dominant tractor Bad Attitude showed all that the 540 wasn’t buckling under pressure, taking the three first. Chilli Town Thunder wasn’t far behind keeping him very honest securing the second spots. Sudden Impact had great runs using all of the 510 cubic inches to take out the third positions. The Professor had fuel pump issues which put them back in the trailer early. 

The super modified tractors saw local tractor Kryptonite back out of the shed to strut its stuff sneaking home with a couple firsts and a second for their trouble. Disorderly Conduct and Scrap Value shared the rest of the positions for the afternoon. Scrap Value managed to get through the day with only two motors running back to the workshop before Keith in three weeks’ time. 

The Pro stock A class saw the revamped tractor Johny back to strut his stuff but motor issues parked it up for the afternoon .This allowed Wolverine Deere to take home three firsts and Wicked Whitetail to follow with second placings All the tractors were putting on great displays of how to burn diesel and turn it into a lot of horsepower to blanket out the Waaia sky with smoke.  

  The B Class pro stock was once again fought out between Red Devil and Major Kaboom .Red Devil after clutch issues at the last event had the adjustments right and steamed out the end with three full pulls putting on a display of flame throwing at the end of the track. Major Kaboom had turbo issues to hold back his day’s fun, but will be back at Keith with a couple of spare turbos to play with. 

The Limited Modified were close all day with millimetres separating the three classesFlatstick secured a first in the 2.9 tonne with Luke taking out the pull off with Shillberite. This allowed Soul Revival to grab the third spot in the 2.9 tonne and the 3.4 tonne class this is the straightest this tractor has run all year, maybe this was due to him heading in home direction (bit like a horse when you turn them toward s home). Shillberite managed to secure the other firsts and Flatstick second after a bit of bank rearrangement in the test pull. 

It was great to see some of the younger puller stepping up to the challenge in the butchers picnic with 3 new drivers having a crack on Flammin Furious, Ferral Fergie and Jaws! I'm sure some will be kicking out the older drivers for a full time position... 

Many thanks to the Waaia committee for putting on the event and supplying the tractors with a great venue to strut their stuff. As this was a twilight event once the sun went down the great energetic crowd enjoyed some solid tractor pulling with the tractor’s sucking in the cool air and producing more horsepower and the fire displays from Red Devil and the methanol fired minis. The next event is the Keith Diesel And Dirt Derby on the 24th March, this is a day not to miss with action starting at 9am with the tractors and the jet boats then later with the figure eight cars proving that rules aren’t needed and the Centurion Tank proving that its 60 tonne pay load can destroy just about anything in its path. Then finishing off with the 6th Header Demolition Derby, the only one run in Australia, there is only one header left running that competed in the first event, there is 25 headers registered to take on the day and take home the prize. 

The Roving Reporter. 

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