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2nd September 2017

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31st March 2018

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2nd December 2017   |   Click here for more details


Barmedman Report

We all ventured up to Barmedman to compete in the second points round for the year, fortunately the weather allowed that to happen after 40 mm rain the week prior. The Wells family topped us all up Friday night with plenty of food and humour, with that came a lot of strategies that were planned for Saturday’s event. The big crowd was there early to obtain the best seats for the day of action.

After tractors were scrutineered and drivers briefed the action started with the limited modified on the big track Flatstick showed them how to get the job done taking out the 2.5 tonne class, followed by Shillberite and close behind Soul Revival. In the 2900kg class Soul Revival managed to stay straight and had a good run under his belt but chose to go back and have another go unfortunately this proved not to be as ideal as this let Shillberite take the podium with Flatstick second and Soul Revival third. In the 3400kg event Shillberite managed a win and Dear Diff grabbed a second and Flatstick third.

The limited mini were out to play and that they did ,in the first event Rotary Hoe had a cracker of a run leaving the rest scratching their heads, local tractor Rough Justice snuck a second and Set The Sled third. The second weight 825kg saw a change in the results with Rough Justice with master Kev at the wheel showing Beats Workin and Fresh Dirt how to get the job done. The limited minis shared it around with Movin On grabbing a first Ruptured Duck2 close behind then Rough Justice sneaking in the trifecta. In the Super modified Disorderly Conduct proved too strong for Scrap value who managed to grade the bank in the middle class.

The pro stock saw Wolverine Deere stamp the mark on the track all day with massive plumes of smoke heading into the Barmedman sky. Major Kaboom achieved great results but was sounding a bit sluggish by the end of the day. In the open modified Murray Muncha had three great runs showing us that the steering needs to work as it wandered down the track with some abrupt turns keeping it from hitting the bank.

There was a duel between Bad Attitude and Chilli Town Thunder all day with millimetres separating them at times, in the end Bad Attitude grabbed two firsts and Chilli Town Thunder got one third position and was comfortable with Sudden Impact and Dirty Deeds kept them honest all day.

Little Willey was very dominant all day taking home three firsts and Oh Yeah nipping at his heels very close competition, Feral Fergie got a well achieved third in the 860kg class and Wild Wombat two Thirds in the 890kg and 920 kg class even if it wasn’t running that well, look out little Willey when it runs on all cylinders consistently.

The open mini's saw the new Blown Income 2 on show with its awesome paint job and big 540 Hemi polished up. The first class was taken home to Geelong by Stampede, along with the last class. Blown Income 2 proved too strong in the middle class showing us how to make power latch into the track successfully.

The day unfortunately wasn’t without causalities Dear Diff found the Barmedman track too hard and found the diff not being able to handle it, the diff is out of Armoured Personal Carrier, hopefully won’t to too hard to find parts. Our thought’s go to the Ruptured Duck team as they had an accident on the way home the doctors have given them the all clear but with the trailer rolling and writing off the tractor and ute. This tractor was just starting to hit its straps hopefully they will be back in the future. The locals were getting a bit excited by the end of the night and a first for tractor pulling a streaker was spotted running across the tracks into the arms of the law.

A big thank you to the Barmedman committee for hosting the day and if you want it to rain just put a tractor pull on. The next event is at Bushy Park on the 18th November.

Roving Reporter

You can see Barmedman pics here


 Finley is now on the 17th Feb 2018

Waaia is now the 3rd March 2018



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