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NSW Championships - Round 1
18th October 2014

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19th October 2014

15th November 2014

29th November 2014

Mini demonstration only
6th December 2014

Victorian Championships
17th January 2015

31st January 2015

NSW Championships - Round 2
14th February 2015

Double Points
14th March 2015

28th March 2015

Australian Championships
4th April 2015

Tooradin Report

Round 4 of the 2014/2015 season was run at Tooradin, kicking off the new years events.

The day began with huge crowds flooding the banks and standing for the national anthem, with the mini track starting the limited modifieds immediately afterwards. It was a very tight pulling field with all tractors pulling up between the 64 and 78 metre marks. Fresh Dirt had a great day taking out the first event by 30cm followed by Little Willey and the return of Bonky’s Banga and with the new grippy track claiming Mad House's Diff. The 825kg class saw some eventful pulling, with Movin’ On’s steering wheel coming off before the tractor landed in the bank. Bonky’s Banga took out the event, with Ruptured Duck 2 placing second and Little Willey in third. 900kg started under lights with Bonky's Banga 1st followed by Fresh Dirt and Ruptured Duck 2 with the track claiming  another diff from Little Willey.

The Limited 2.5 tonne class saw the return of the new fuel injected Soul Revival, and all tractors put on a great show, all doing wheel stands down the track, Shillberite taking first place, followed by Flat Stick and Soul Revival. In the 2.9 tonne class we saw some very close pulling with 8 millimetres between first and second place, and 5 metres difference for the whole class, the event was won by Shillberite, followed by Flat Stick and Full throttle

In the super mini class the tractors powered through the track with Flamin’ Furious taking first place in the 860kg class, followed by Aftershock and Success II. In the 890kg class we went to a pull off with Jaws taking first place, followed by Flamin’ Furious and Aftershock with Oh Yeah having more transmission trouble. In the 920kg event Flamin’ Furious was back on top, followed by Aftershock and Success II.

Super 3.4 tonne event began with the return of Disorderly Conduct and plenty of wheel stands and fierce competition. First place went to $crap Value, with Disorderly Conduct hot on their heels, in the 3.85 tonne Disorderly Conduct came out on top followed by $scrap Value and in the 4.3 tonne event Disorderly  Conduct took out the event as $crap Value hit the bank and was disqualified.

In the open mini class we saw big pulls from both Stampede and Blown Income, with Stampede putting on a show and popping a tapper cover gasket causing oil to blow from the engine, Blown Income won the class with Stampede right behind, followed by Tommy’s Toy. In the 925kg Class Stampede placed first followed by Stone Cold and Tommy’s Toy as Blown Income scored a black flag for hitting the bank. The 950kg class was taken out by Blown Income, followed by Stampede and Stone Cold.

The prostock 4.2 tonne had great competition with Wicked Whitetail taking out first place, closely followed by Wolverine Deere II and Major Kaboom. The 4.6 tonne saw Wolverine Deere II take out first place followed by Wicked Whitetail and Major Kaboom and the last event saw hot competition with Wolverine Deere II just 80 centimetres behind Wicked Whitetail.

The 2wd trucks put on a great show both of them wheel standing all the way down the track, Spot On took first place all day with Dirty Deeds hot on his tail until it unfortunately broke in the second event.

Congratulations to the Tooradin committee on a fantastic pull and track, a big thank you to Brett Harris and Carl Bonk for staying at the track till 1am friday night to spread the new clay and thank you to all the volunteers you made it a very smoothly run tractor pull and we hope to see you next year!

The next pull will be at Rokewood on the 31st of January, hope to see you all there!



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