Demo Pull
13th August 2016

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15th October 2016

19th November 2016

Demo Pull
3rd December 2016

Victorian Championship
21st January 2017

NSW Championship - Part II
25th February 2017

11th March 2017

Australian Championship
15th April 2017


The weekend of Quambatook, the final meet for the season and the stage for the national championships. Some teams had big expectations and while other teams just happy to be there due to repairs needed after Keith.

On Saturday, Quambatook turned the weather on for us with a sunny day in the mid-twenties, and Quambatook Tractor Pulling Association put on a great event with a perfect track. The pulling started at 1:30 and all the tractors put on a good show of power and luck, with the famous quamby track breaking tractors. Flat stick damaged a gearbox, Fresh Dirt locked the diff and snapped wheel studs resulting in a wheel hanging off, and Feral Fergie spun a tire on the rim for the second time in two meets.

The Pro Stock smokers came out first and placed the crowd in shadow with a massive diesel cloud. Deere Express kept Wicked whitetail honest in the 3.8 tonne class and made sure he worked for the rest with Wicked whitetail taking the win in 4.2 and 4.6 tonne events. Major Kaboom won all 3 events in Pro Stock B.

$crap Value seemed to have a good day out taking the win in all 3 weight classes but Disorderly Conduct make him work for them and seemed to be having engine problems.

 The limited modified tractors performed consistently all day with Shillberite taking all three events out. Flat Stick pulled out a second in the 2.5 tonne class before damaging the gearbox and retiring for the rest of the day allowing full throttle to take second in the 2.9 and 3.4 tonne events. Dear Diff was consistent all day taking third all day.

Murry Muncher came out for the Open Modified and showed how much power he really has taking first in all three events, having no trouble getting to the 100 meter mark. Quamby Quaker put on a good show with lots of air time for the front wheels and took second in all three events.

The two wheel drive trucks hooked up well and shared the placing around. Sudden Impact even put on some weight of a different kind and took some passengers for a ride. Chilli town thunder took out all three firsts, closely followed by Sudden Impact with The Professor still standing on the podium with thirds in every event.

The Mini Modified had a good turnout, with 10 tractors competing and everybody had a good go. Movin On took firsts in the 770kg and 900kg events with Tossa winning 825kg as well as a third and second in the other two events. Ruptured Duck 2 managed two seconds and a third, and hitman shared the prizes with a third in the 825kg event.

The 11 Super Minis all came out to play but Little Willey again showed its strength and form taking the win in the 860kg and 920kg events, with a wild drive taking third in the 890gk class. Flamin Furious capitalised in the 890kg event taking first followed by Hopefull and of course Little Willy again (I’m nearly sick of them winning everything ;)). Flamin Furious took second in the 860kg event and Hopefull took third. In the 920kg class Flamin Furious again took second and Oh Yeah took third.

Stone Cold tried his best and took the win in the 900kg event for the opens before being shown up by the bigger more powerful Blown Income in the 925kg and 950kg events. Who Cares took third in all the events but still a solid effort being the only small block.

There was also the ‘Red Steer’ event with a great turn out. The Red Steer being the first modified tractor in Australia, and this event is open to any tractor (not mini’s) so long as it is under 3.5 tonne. There was also a good turn out in the John Parker Memorial event, where again it is open to any tractor (not mini) so long as it is under 4.0 tonne. The lack of classing means that it is a new sceptical and is cool for the crowd to see a triple engine tractor competing against a 2wd truck. By Josh Hunt

If you are interested in getting into the sport there are two mini modified and one super modified tractors for sale ready for you to step into with the possibility of others now being the end of the season. If you are not ready to own a tractor yet but want to know and experience more right next to the action next year, now is the time to express your interest as training for marshals, sled assistants, scrutineers etc is done over the off season.

The next tractor pull event is the AGM and presentation night which is a bit like the tractor pulling equivalent of the Logies. The AGM is where the dates for next year’s events will be confirmed and any rule changes get voted on, the presentation dinner is a chance for us to get out of our race suits, get all dolled up, award the achievers within our sport and tell some yarns like he who sees a tortoise sitting on top of a fence post knows that it has had some help getting there! By Chris Harry




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