Finley - NSW
Round 5

Mini Tractor Points Round
2nd September 2017

NSW Championship Rd I
14th October 2017

18th November 2017

Mini Demo Pull
2nd December 2017

Victorian Championship
20th January 2018

NSW Championship - Part II
17th February 2018

Major Pull
3rd March 2018

Major Pull
24th March 2018

Australian Championship
31st March 2018

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17th February 2018   |   Click here for more details


Bushy Park Report

After dodging rain all week the clouds open up and let the sunshine in for the Saturday event, only until the last tractor had been down the track then down the rain came making packing up rather sticky .The crowd wasnt scared away by the weather that was imminent all day.

The tractors lined up ready to tackle the bushy park track, the first one on the sled was Riverina Screamer after a three year rebuild it did not let Joe Cottam down as it gathered revs and thundered along leaving Plum Crazy scratching for more chips to up the limiter to try and sneak in front of the screamer but to no avail as Joe took home the first two weight classes. Plum Crazy wasn’t letting this happen in the 5.1 tonne class with the three 540,s showing how to do it. It was great to see the opens back on the track.

The super modified saw Scrap Value take home three wins as Disorderly Conduct must have swallowed a frog in the previous wet week. The Pro stock Wolverine Deere put on a huge display of wheel standing and smoking the koalas out of the trees.

The Two Wheel drive trucks had four trucks putting the power to the ground with dominant truck Bad Attitude taking home three wins Sudden Impact three seconds, Dirty Deeds a third in the light weight class and The Professor sneaking the other thirds

The limited modified had only three tractors competing but they couldn’t stop that dominant red tractor Shillberite. Full Throttle was back and earnt a couple seconds and Flatstick with the old driver in the seat snuck a second and couple thirds.

The Limited Minis results were shared between a few of the contenders with some left wondering what happened. Set the sled galloped away in the first class closely followed by Rough Justice and 2 Tuff secured a third. In the second class Rough Justice took the sled out the end and made sure that no one else managed to get over the 100 metres, 2 Tuff was close behind and Fresh Dirt tried to catch Dave. The last weight class saw Fresh Dirt take the podium with Movin On only a metre behind and 2 Tuff nipping at their heels as well

The super minis were once again left wondering how to catch Little Willy , this dominant tractor claiming three firsts Madness was back and close behind with two seconds and a third, Flamin Furious was also back after a break and took home a second and couple thirds.

The open Minis saw Stampede rip up the bushy park track taking home three firsts in the open A class and in the Open B class Stone Cold loved the mountain air taking home all firsts for his days’ work.

The track was good on all tractors as there were no reported breakages.

See pictures from Bushy Park here

The next event is a Mini emonstration at Delorain Tasmania on the 2nd December.


 Finley is now on the 17th Feb 2018

Waaia is now the 3rd March 2018



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