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2nd September 2017

NSW Championship Rd I
14th October 2017

18th November 2017

Mini Demo Pull
2nd December 2017

Victorian Championship
20th January 2018

NSW Championship - Part II
17th February 2018

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3rd March 2018

Major Pull
24th March 2018

Australian Championship
31st March 2018
Quambatook 2018








EASTER SATURDAY 31st March 2018

High octane intensity explodes into Quambatook on Easter Saturday as the power hungry modified tractors and trucks blast their way down the track on a mission towards the ultimate ‘Full Pull’ at the 42nd Annual Kubota Australian Tractor Pull Championships.

Competitive pulling isn’t just watched, it’s experienced! Sight! Sound! Action! Diesel fuel, Blown Alcohol, and the giddy expectation of an anxious crowd... this spectacle feeds an addiction for raw horse power.

Any tractor pull may be called the ultimate contest between the proverbial immovable object and the irresistible force, but at Quambatook Easter Saturday 31st March 2018, driven by competitive spirit and brute force, horsepower is king when the tractor is hooked.

As competitors take off the engines scream the RPM’s and push their equipment to the very edge, it won’t take long for the event to ‘gain traction’.

The excitement commences at 1.30pm and concludes under lights approximately 10.00pm. The pulling program will commence with the vintage tractors. The 2WD & 4WD farm tractors will also compete for the championship during the day. The ‘Quamby Quaker’ in action on the track is sure to provide some added spice.

The highly modified pulling machines will be competing non-stop on two tracks. The spectacular Smoker class with ‘Wicked Whitetail & ‘Red Devil’ strutting their stuff is sure to get the crowd to their feet. ‘Disorderly Conduct’ & ‘Quamby Quaker’ will compete in their relevant classes and are always out to put on a show. The various other exciting classes sporting all manner of power supplies, include ‘Chilli- Town- Thunder’ in the Modified Truck class powered by a 540ci. Big Block Chev, running alcohol. ‘Full Throttle’ is always out to take on ‘Flat Stick’ & ‘Shillbrite’ with a fight to the finish.

The Open mini class is not to be missed with ‘Blown Income’ sporting a TFX Hemi 540ci. blown power plant going head to head with ‘Stampede’ which draws power from a 510ci. Chev. The Super Mini class will see ‘Little Willey’ thrashing is out with ‘Flamin Furious’ in a race for the final championship points. In the Mini class ‘2 Tuff’ will take on the might of ‘Set the Sled’ and ‘Fresh Dirt’, there is always fierce rivalry between the ‘Chryslers & Chevs’

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