Demo Pull
7th December 2018

1st March 2019
Gates open at 4pm. Accommodation available at the Kangaroo Lake caravan Park.

12th April 2019
*POSTPONED* Gates will be open Friday evening for camping. Scrutineers will start at 7.30am. Drivers meeting at 8.30am. First event to commence at 10am.
2WD Trucks


>> Bad Attitude Tractor Pulling
>> Dirty Deeds Tractor Pulling
>> Ressurection Tractor Pulling

Bad Attitude

Driver : Brad Hewitt

Residence : Howlong NSW

Driver : Mal Dinning

Residence : Greta VIC

Engine Make & Capacity : Injected Steve Schmidt 540ci Big Block Chev
Transmission : PROFAB 3 speed Crowe Clutch
Tyre Type: Dick Cepek 16.1 x 18.4
Differential : Rockwell with Rockwell planetaries
Years Pulling : First season

General Team Information : I have been involved in tractor pulling on and off for over 15 years, my wife and Mal Dinning are integral parts of the B.A.S.H team. With Mal steering the jet powered mini with his usual hold it flat and hope attitude. During this time I have owned and competed with the following tractors: Joint Effort, Full Boar (now Mad House), Tool Time (now Short & Shonky), The Nightmare (chassis now Black Betty) Bare Knuckles and Bad Attitude 2WD Pulling Truck. I was the first ATPA member to import a turn key machine from the United States of America, Tool Time from Michigan in 2006. I have since imported The Nightmare, a blown mini from Wisconnisin In 2007 and Bare Knuckles a jet turbine from Indiana in 2009. My most recent acquisition from the USA is a very competitive Steve Schmidt powered 2WD pulling truck from Indiana.

Dirty Deeds

Owner : David and Maria Woodward

Residence : Jerilderie NSW

Driver : David Woodward (Woody)

Residence : Jerilderie NSW

Engine Make & Capacity : Chev 454
Estimated Horsepower : 600
Transmission : Turbo 400 Road Ranger
Tyre Type: Cepek
Differential : -
Major Modifications : -
Other Special Features : -
1st Tractor Pull : - 
When : -

Best Result : -

Career Highlights/Results : Working with Joe and the team on the Riverina Screamer

General Team Information : Husband and wife ran team, having mechanical background. Truck originally built in Western Australia being called Predator. The truck was purchased into Victoria and renamed Dirty Deeds.


Driver : Dennis Missen

Residence : Snake Valley VIC

Driver : David Missen

Residence : Snake Valley VIC

Engine Make & Capacity : Ford 460ci Big block
Transmission : C10 Auto 10 speed Road Ranger
Tyre Type:
Differential : Alion Hub Reduction
Years Pulling : 4 Years
Sponsors : Snake Valley Hotel, Howlet Transport, Probore Ballarat

Career Highlights/Results : Still waiting

General Team Information : This is a Father-son ran team. We like the challenge of making something out of nothing. We are constantly improving the truck and hope to be more competitive next season and just have enjoyment from the sport.

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