Mini Tractor Points Round
2nd September 2017

NSW Championship Rd I
14th October 2017

18th November 2017

Mini Demo Pull
2nd December 2017

Victorian Championship
20th January 2018

NSW Championship - Part II
17th February 2018

Major Pull
3rd March 2018

Major Pull
24th March 2018

Australian Championship
31st March 2018
Super Mini Modified


>> Maddog Tractor Pulling
>> Ujack Pulling Team 
>> Chaos Pulling Team
>> Success II Pulling Team
>>Flamin Furious Pulling Team


Driver : Glenn Awty

Residence : Drouin VIC

Driver : Brian Awty

Residence : Drouin VIC

Engine Make & Capacity : Ford 351 Cleveland
Transmission : Ford C10
Tyre Type: 18.4 x 16.1 Firestone Puller
Differential : Ford 9 Inch
Years Pulling : 12
Sponsors : Drouin Smash Repairs, KB Performance Transmissions

Career Highlights/Results : 3rd place Puller of the Year 03/04 and 08/09, 2nd place Puller of the Year 05/06 and 09/10, 1st place Puller of the Year 07/08

General Team Information : Maddog Tractor Pulling is a family ran and built Mini Modified driven by an Father and Son combination. The best part of tractor pulling is the family involvement on track and off track. My wife Jaime drives the tractor in the butchers picnic, in which she drives the tractor as well as a driver that drives at every event. The butchers picnic is an event at the end of the day that novice drivers and pit crew can have a drive in.



Driver : Paul Pappin

Residence : Rochester VIC

Engine Make & Capacity : Ford 302ci Cleveland
Transmission : Ford C10
Tyre Type: 16" Drag Slicks
Differential : Toyota Stout
Years Pulling : 4
Sponsors : Mawson's Quarries, Echuca/Moama Shade Sails, Rochester Spreading Service

Career Highlights/Results : I have been in the sport for 3 years and have successfully finished each event and collected a hookers trophy at the end of each season. For the past 2 seasons I have won the " Mystery distance perpetual trophy" at Tooradin. I also won the encouragement award at Quambatook last season.

General Team Information : The team consists of myself as driver, mechanic and all round mr fix it with my wife as head caterer and team support at most meetings. Our aim is to drive the tractor onto the trailer after each meeting and and get ready for the next event.


After Shock

Owner : Carl Bonk

Residence : Bamawm VIC

Driver : Cameron Bonnk

Residence : Bamawm VIC

Driver : Annette Bonk

Residence : Bamawm VIC

Engine Make & Capacity : Holden 355
Estimated Horsepower : 400
Transmission : Powerglide
Tyre Type: Firestone puller
Differential : Dana 60
Major Modifications : stroked
Other Special Features : Only Holden in the Sport
1st Tractor Pull :  Geelong Tractor pull
When : 2007

Best Result : Runner up puller of the year 2013-14

Career Highlights/Results : NSW champion season 2014-14

General Team Information : The name Chaos Pulling Team comes from the week before a tractor pull. As we are getting the tractors ready for loading and making sure we have got everything it is "CHAOS". On the pull day Nathan and Carl help with the tractor.


Success II

Owner : John Cameron Residence : Kingston SA
Driver : John Cameron Residence : Kingston SA
Driver : Michael Oloughlin Residence : Kingston SA

Engine make & capacity : Chev 427

Transmission : Powerglide

Tyre Type : 18.4 x 16.1 Firestone Puller

Differential : Ford 9"


Flamin Furious

Owner : Chris & Tammy Harry Residence : Mount Gambier SA
Driver : Chris Harry Residence : Mount Gambier SA

Engine make & capacity : 400 Chev

Estimated Power : 600hp

Transmission : Powergide

Tyre Type : 18.4 x 16.1 Firestone Puller

Differential : Chev 12 Bolt

First Pull : Moama 2011

Carrer highlights/results : First place in first drive. National Champion 2013/14 Super Mini Modified.

General Team Informaion : Small family operation, operating from back yard.

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