Demo Pull
7th December 2018

1st March 2019
Gates open at 4pm. Accommodation available at the Kangaroo Lake caravan Park.

12th April 2019
*POSTPONED* Gates will be open Friday evening for camping. Scrutineers will start at 7.30am. Drivers meeting at 8.30am. First event to commence at 10am.
Open Mini Modified


>> Buck Shot Tractor Pulling
>> Flat Broke Tractor Pulling
>> Bare Knuckles Tractor Pulling
>> Blown Income
>> Realoded
>> Micro Magic Tractor Pulling
>> Stampede Tractor Pulling 

>> Raptor

>> Tommy's Toy















Buck Shot Tractor Pulling

Driver : Mark Schlorf

Residence : Tyabb VIC

Engine Make & Capacity : Windsor 408ci
Transmission : Ford C10
Tyre Type: 18.4 x 16.1 Firestone Puller
Differential : Ford 9 inch
Years Pulling : 3
Sponsors : Abcraft Cabinet, Dandy Engines, Frankston Muffler, Windsorford Automotive, Marsh Bulk Haulage,

Career Highlights/Results : 2 Thirds at Tintinara SA 2008

General Team Information : Owner driver and home built tractor. Started pulling 3 years ago, only Windsor powered tractor and is the only tractor running on NOS. In the sport to have fun not to make money. Enjoy traveling around with a good bunch of people.

Flat Broke Tractor Pulling

Driver : Elaine Shaw

Residence : Hampton Park VIC

Engine Make & Capacity : Blown Alcohol 350 Chev
Transmission : Power Glide
Tyre Type: 18.4 x 16.1 Cepek
Differential : Dana 60
Years Pulling : 18-19 years
Sponsors : Fisher Superchargers, Coogee Methanol

General Team Information : Husband and Wife Team

Bare Knuckles

Driver : Mal Dinning

Residence : Greta VIC

Driver : Brad Hewitt

Residence : Howlong NSW

Engine Make & Capacity : T53 Lycoming Turbine
Transmission : Doug Nash
Tyre Type: Dick Cepek 16.1 x 18.4
Differential : Dana 70
Years Pulling : 2

General Team Information : I have been involved in tractor pulling on and off for over 15 years, my wife and Mal Dinning are integral parts of the B.A.S.H team. With Mal steering the jet powered mini with his usual hold it flat and hope attitude. During this time I have owned and competed with the following tractors: Joint Effort, Full Boar (now Mad House), Tool Time (now Short & Shonky), The Nightmare (chassis now Black Betty) Bare Knuckles and Bad Attitude 2WD Pulling Truck. I was the first ATPA member to import a turn key machine from the United States of America Tool Time from Michigan in 2006. I have since imported The Nightmare, a blown mini from Wisconnisin. In 2007 and Bare Knuckles a jet turbine from Indiana in 2009. My most recent acquisition from the USA is a very competitive Steve Schmidt powered 2WD pulling truck from Indiana.

Blown Income

Driver : Brett Harris

Residence : Struan SA

Engine Make & Capacity : TFX Hemi 540ci
Transmission : SCS Gearbox
Tyre Type: 18.4 x 16.1 Firestone Puller/Cepek
Differential : Dana 60
Years Pulling : 3yrs Mini Modified, 2010/2011 Open Mini
Sponsors : Fuchs, Gericke Bulk, Limestone Coast Earthmovers, Super charge,
Og Speedshop, Drews Workshop

Career Highlighst/Results : First pull in Mini Modified 07/08 season at Gawler SA (Wild Wombat) Encouragement award 2009 Best Presented tractor and crew at Tooradin 2009. Various 2nd and 3rd placings at pull centres. First pull in Open Mini at Geelong 2010/2011 season. Three full pulls, 1st and 2nd placing (Blown Income).

General Team Information : Team name: Wild Wombat Racing. Consist of Brett, Monty Harris and Nick Williams and supported by our families. Currently running a Mini Modified Wild Wombat and a Open Mini Blown Income. We all as kids watched tractor pulling at Lucindale which inspired us to build one from a chasis Pink Bits in 2007.


Driver : Rae Yelland

Residence : Jerilderie NSW

Driver : Gordon Yelland

Residence : Berrigan NSW

Engine Make & Capacity : Blown Alcohol 502ci Chev
Transmission : TRB Crower Clutch
Tyre Type: 18.4 x 16.1 Cepek
Differential : 10.5 Ford Dana
Years Pulling : 21 Years
Sponsors : Yelland Earthmoving

Career Highlighst/Results : Various Australian Championships, 2010 puller and hooker of the year, 1st Australian Championship won in 1992 in mini modified tractor was "Agro"

General Team Information : Father and daughter pulling team.

Micro Magic

Driver : Kevin Nolan

Residence : Pambula NSW

Engine Make & Capacity : Chevrolet small block 400ci
Transmission : Power Glide
Tyre Type: 18.4 x 16.1 Dick Cepek
Differential : Toyota
Years Pulling : 17 Years

Career Highlighst/Results : Won 2 puller of the Year trophies years ago, not much since. Have fun keeping the big boys honest.


Driver : Garry Johnson

Residence : Grovedale VIC

Engine Make & Capacity : Chev 427ci Big block
Transmission : Powerglide highly modified
Tyre Type: 18.4 x 16.1 Cepek
Differential : HJ 75 Toyota
Years Pulling : 3 Years
Sponsors : Rainbow Motors

Career Highlighst/Results : Various success over the 3 years,1st at Quambatook 09/10 season

General Team Information : I come from a long history of motor sport and enjoy the tinkering as much as competing. I have gorgeous partner and five (yes 5) children whom protest but are happy that I enjoy myself so much. The blown alcohol big block chev really does it for me. I love the open mini class.



Driver : Ian Moerman Jnr

Residence : Carapooee Vic

Engine Make & Capacity : 3 x Leyland 4 Lt
Transmission : Powerglide highly
Tyre Type: 18.4 x 16.1 Cepek
Differential : Ford 9 inch
Years Pulling : 5 Years

Career Highlighst/Results : Still trying

General Team Information : Consists of four people Ian Moerman Jnr (Skeeta), Ian Moerman Snr, Mick Brightwell, Darcey Freeman.


Tommy's Toy

Owner : Thomas West

Residence : Young NSW
Driver : Thomas West Residence : Young NSW

Engine make & capacity : Chev 454

Transmission : Powerglide

Esimated power : 750 hp

Tyer Type: 18.4 x 16.1 Cepek

Differential : Dana 60

First pull : Deni 2013

Career Higlights/Results : 2nd in championship on first year, hooker of the year and winning the John Parker memorial award

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