Demo Pull
7th December 2018

1st March 2019
Gates open at 4pm. Accommodation available at the Kangaroo Lake caravan Park.

12th April 2019
*POSTPONED* Gates will be open Friday evening for camping. Scrutineers will start at 7.30am. Drivers meeting at 8.30am. First event to commence at 10am.
Open Modified


>> Screamer
>> Murray Muncha Team
>> Plum Pullers 

Riverina Screamer

Driver : Joe Cottam

Residence : Berrigan

Driver : Ray Cottam

Residence : Berrigan

Driver : Alan Cameron

Residence : Berrigan

Driver : Dave Hawker

Residence : Berrigan

Driver : Hardy Rennick

Residence : Berrigan

Engine Make & Capacity : 27 LTR Rolls Royce V 12
Transmission : Cottam Engineering
Tyre Type: Puller 2000
Differential : ZF Leyland Planetarys
Years Pulling : 20
Sponsors : Woody Motors

Career Highlighst/Results : I think we all know the old saying there is no substitute for cubes. I believe this is so true for tractor pulling. We developed the Rolls Royce Meteor 27 ltr V12 from 600hp at 2400rpm to a 2250hp at 4000rpm, twin turboed, fuel injected quad cam with electronic management system. This development over 20 years has finally resulted in Riverina Screamer winning the National Championship for the past two years 2008-09 and 2009-10.

General Team Information : Wea are lucky to have a dedicated team of six to help run the Screamer through the off season and at tractor pulls. The weighing for 3.4, 4.2 and 5.1 tonne events, changing tyre pressures, charge battery, and change gear ratios(requires removal of output drive shaft and rear section of gearbox- replace both output ratio gear and assemble. Then at the end of the day, they load up the tractor, two tonne of weights and all the equipment. Our crew received the ATPA Best Crew Award in 2008

Murray Muncha

Driver : Richard Williams

Residence : Yalca VIC

Engine Make & Capacity : V12 Allison
Transmission : Road Ranger
Tyre Type: Firestone 30.5 x 32
Differential : Rockwell
Years Pulling : 5

Career Highlighst/Results : Puller of The Year 2006/07

General Team Information : Family team of Richie, Von, Bec and Lachy supported by Wayne Thorn, as Richies main track support as well as being in charge of getting the Muncha there on time.

Plum Crazy

Driver : Doug Williams

Residence : Waaia VIC

Driver : Greg Noye

Residence : Shepparton VIC

Engine Make & Capacity : 3 x 540ci Chevs
Transmission : WD9 International (1950)
Tyre Type: Firestone Puller 30.5 x 32
Differential : WD9 International (1950)
Years Pulling : Tractor since 1982, Us since January 2005
Sponsors : Harry & Doug Williams, Earthmoving, Greg Noye PM&R

Career Highlighst/Results : Puller of the Year 2005, 2006, 2007. Hooker of the Year 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 2010. Best Presented 2006, 2010

General Team Information : Doug and Harry Williams are farmers/earthmoving contractors at Waaia. They have been following tractor pulling in Australia since its conception at Elmore in 1974. Doug's wife Julie and his 3 kids Ryan, Mark and Jodi are all involved in the association, mainly with the mowers. Ryan is very keen to push Dad out of the Plum's drivers seat

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