Demo Pull
7th December 2018

1st March 2019
Gates open at 4pm. Accommodation available at the Kangaroo Lake caravan Park.

12th April 2019
*POSTPONED* Gates will be open Friday evening for camping. Scrutineers will start at 7.30am. Drivers meeting at 8.30am. First event to commence at 10am.
Pro Stock


>> Wicked Whitetail Pulling Team
>> Major Kaboom Tractor Pulling Team
>> Deere Express Tractor Pulling Team

Wicked Whitetail

Driver : Brendan Cornfoot

Engine Make & Capacity : John Deere 510

Estimated power : 900hp
Transmission : 3 Speed GMS
Tyre Type: 20xx8x38 firestone
Differential : John Deere
First Pull : Finley 2010
Sponsors : Cornfoot Bros, Mad Dog, Vic Earthmoving Repair, Epping Battery

Career Highlights/Results : 2008 – 2009 – 2010 Lucas Oil Point Championship U.S.A. 2011/12 National Champion 

General Team Information : Tractor was brought in Indiana U.S.A December 2010. Brendan Cornfoot is the owner driver who has his own earthmoving company in the northern suburb of Melbourne. Always liked tractor pulling, meet up with Jeremy and Jobbo and went to the U.S.A mid 2010 to buy the tractor.

Major Kaboom

Owner/s : Albert and Linda Alblas

Residence : Numurkah, Vic

Driver : Albert Alblas

Residence : Numurkah, VIC

Driver : Peter Alblas

Residence : Numurkah, VIC

Engine Make & Capacity : Ford 6cylinder diesal 412ci
Estimated Horsepower : 555
Transmission : Fordson Super Major
Tyre Type: 23.1 x 30 Cut Ag tyres
Differential : Fordson Super Major
Major Modifications : Big turbo, Twin Intercoolers, Water Injection, Custom Cam, Low Compression Custom Pistons, Solid Block Filler
Other Speacial Features : Blows lots of black and white smoke
1st Tractor Pull : Gawler SA 
When : 2010
Sponsors : Shepparton Diesel

Best Result : Winning Red steer 2012 at Quambatook

Career Highlights/Results : 1st Gawler 2010, 1st Australian Championships Quambatook 2010, 2nd Puller of the Year 2010, Hooker of the Year 2010, Beating 2 Green Tractors at Waaia 2013 in 3.8t class

General Team Information : Albert and Linda run a buisness -Alblas AG- servicing tractors and headers in Northern Vic,  when tractor pulling our team consists of Albert and Peter Alblas as drivers, Linda as Manger, Glen Richards as crew cheif and Justin Richards as technical officer.

Deere Express

river : Brian Ostergaard

Residence : Esperance WA

Driver : Kelvin Jobling

Residence : Quanbatook VIC

Engine Make & Capacity : John Deere 7.6 litre
Transmission : John Deere 4430
Tyre Type: Firestone 30.5 x 32
Differential : John Deere 4430
Years Pulling : 2 years
Sponsors : RTA Ag Services, H.E Auto

Career Highlights/Results : 1st Finley 3.4t and 4.6t 2010, 2nd Finley 4.2t 2010, 1st Quambatook 4.2t and 4.6t, 3rd Quambatook 3.8t


Wolverine Deere II

Owner: Brendan Cornfoot Residence: Hiddan Valley VIC
Driver: Brendan Cornfoot

 Residence: Hidden Valley VIC

Driver: Norm Cornfoot Residence: Somerton VIC
Driver: David Cornfoot Residence: Bevridge Vic

Engine Make & Capacity: John Deere 7.6 L
Estimated Power: 950hp
Transmission: 3 speed
Tyre Type: Firestone 20x8x38
Differential: 40 20
First Pull: Finley 2014


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